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Emulsion Bitumen Ss1


Emulsion bitumen SS1, a versatile and crucial product in the realm of road construction and maintenance, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the durability and performance of asphalt surfaces. This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of emulsion bitumen SS1, its properties, manufacturing process, and its wide-ranging applications within the infrastructure industry.

Emulsion bitumen SS1, also known as slow-setting emulsion, is a stable dispersion of bitumen droplets in water. It is created by breaking down bitumen into small particles and dispersing them in water with the aid of surfactants and emulsifying agents. The result is a product with remarkable adhesive and cohesive properties.

One of the key advantages of emulsion bitumen SS1 is its slow-setting nature. This characteristic allows for a controlled curing process, giving contractors more time to work with the emulsion, especially under varying weather conditions. The ability to adjust curing times is particularly beneficial for projects that demand precision and flexibility.

Manufacturing Process

  • The manufacturing of emulsion bitumen SS1 involves several steps. Bitumen is first heated and then mixed with water containing emulsifiers. High-shear mixing breaks down the bitumen into tiny droplets, forming a stable emulsion. The slow-setting nature of SS1 emulsions is achieved by carefully controlling the emulsifier composition and emulsification process.
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Tests on Emulsion min-max min-max
Viscosity, SF, 25°C, SFs 20 – 60 20 – 60
Viscosity, SF, 50°C, SFs
Sieve Test, #20, % 0.1 max 0.1 max
Settlement, 5 days, % 5 max 5 max
Storage Stability, 24h, %
Demulsibility, 35ml CaCl2 0.02N, %
Cement Mixing Test, % 2 max 2 max
Coating Test, % 80 min 80 min
Residue by Distillation, 260°C, % 55 min 60 min
Oil Portion of Distillate (V/M), %
Particle Charge ( – ) or 0 ( – ) or 0
Tests on Residue
Penetration, 25°C, dmm 100 – 200 40 – 100
Solubility in TCE, % 97.5 min 97.5 min
Ash Content, % mass of res
Ductility, 25°C, cm Float Test, 60°C, sec 40 min 40 min
Float Test, 60°C, sec
SS1 common packings:
One of the most common packaging of bitumen is new steel drum. The new steel drums are easy to handle, transport and a proper packaging to ensure the products reach their target destinations flawlessly without any leakage or spill. Read more