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In the intricate world of lubricants and engine oils, Base Oil SN650 stands as a fundamental ingredient that often remains concealed behind the scenes

Base Oil SN650

Also known as Group I base oil, belongs to the family of mineral oils derived from crude oil. Its name, "SN650," refers to its viscosity grade, indicating its thickness at specific temperatures. In this case, "SN" signifies a base oil with a viscosity of 650 centistokes (cSt) at 100 degrees Celsius, which places it in the mid-range of viscosity among base oils.

Characteristics of Base Oil SN650
  • Viscosity Stability: One of the standout features of Base Oil SN650 is its excellent viscosity stability. This property ensures that the lubricant maintains its thickness and fluidity even under extreme temperature variations, providing consistent protection to machinery parts.
  • Oxidation Resistance: Base Oil SN650 exhibits a commendable resistance to oxidation, which is crucial in preventing the formation of harmful sludge and deposits in the lubricant. This quality extends the lifespan of the lubricant and enhances its performance.
  • Compatibility: SN650 is highly compatible with various additives, making it an ideal choice for formulating different types of lubricants. Its versatility allows it to serve as a base for automotive oils, industrial lubricants, and greases.
Applications of Base Oil SN650
  • Automotive Lubricants: SN650 serves as a foundational component in the production of engine oils, transmission fluids, and gear oils, ensuring smooth vehicle operation and engine protection.
  • Industrial Lubricants: In industrial settings, this base oil is used to create lubricants for machinery, equipment, and hydraulic systems, reducing friction and wear.
  • Metalworking Fluids: Base Oil SN650 is incorporated into metalworking fluids, where it aids in cooling and lubricating metal surfaces during machining processes.
  • Greases: It is also a crucial ingredient in grease formulations, providing enhanced lubrication and protection in various machinery components.
The Importance of Base Oil SN650 in Lubricant Formulation

The choice of base oil is paramount in determining the overall quality and performance of a lubricant. Base Oil SN650 offers a balanced combination of viscosity, stability, and compatibility, making it a preferred choice for formulators. Its ability to withstand extreme conditions and provide consistent protection ensures the longevity of machinery and minimizes maintenance costs.

Moreover, as environmental regulations become stricter, the demand for base oils like SN650, which can be produced with lower sulfur content and reduced environmental impact, is on the rise. This aligns with the industry's shift towards more sustainable lubrication solutions.

Viscosity @100 ASTM D445 12-14
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 85 MIN
Flash point ASTM D92 250
Pour point ASTM D97 -6
Color ASTM D1500 3
Appearance Slight/ melt BRIGHT/CLEAR
SN 650 common packings:
One of the most common packaging of bitumen is new steel drum. The new steel drums are easy to handle, transport and a proper packaging to ensure the products reach their target destinations flawlessly without any leakage or spill. Read more