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Base Oil Sn 150


Base Oil SN 150 is not just a base oil; it's the foundation upon which success in industrial operations is built.

class="mt-4">In the ever-evolving world of industrial lubricants and petrochemicals, Base Oil SN 150 stands out as a crucial component, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of machinery across various industries. One company that has harnessed the potential of this versatile base oil is Global Synergy Company, which has strategically integrated Base Oil SN 150 into its operations to meet the diverse needs of its customers worldwide.

  • Base Oil SN 150: The Fundamental Building Block
  • Base oils are the foundation upon which a wide range of lubricants and specialty oils are formulated. They determine the essential properties of the final product, such as viscosity, thermal stability, and oxidative resistance. Base Oil SN 150, with its specific characteristics, has found its niche in the lubricant industry.

    • Exceptional Viscosity and Thermal Stability
    • Base Oil SN 150 boasts excellent viscosity properties, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing lubricants that are required to operate in extreme temperature conditions. Whether it's high-temperature applications in industries like steel manufacturing or low-temperature environments in refrigeration systems, SN 150 provides consistent and reliable performance.

    • Oxidative Stability for Longevity
    • Global Synergy Company recognizes the significance of oxidative stability in lubricants. Base Oil SN 150 exhibits remarkable resistance to oxidation, ensuring that the lubricants it forms the base of have a longer service life. This quality is particularly beneficial in critical applications, where maintenance downtime can be costly and inconvenient.

    • Low Sulfur Content for Environmental Responsibility
    • Environmental concerns have become increasingly important in today's world. Base Oil SN 150 aligns with these concerns due to its low sulfur content, which minimizes harmful emissions. Global Synergy Company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident in its preference for SN 150 as a base oil.

Viscosity @100 ASTM D445 5.4-7
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 95 MIN
Flash point ASTM D92 220
Pour point ASTM D97 -12
Color ASTM D1500 1.5
SN 150 common packings:
One of the most common packaging of bitumen is new steel drum. The new steel drums are easy to handle, transport and a proper packaging to ensure the products reach their target destinations flawlessly without any leakage or spill. Read more