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Slack Wax Light Grade 30%


In the realm of oil derivatives, Slack Wax Light Grade 30% emerges as a vital player, boasting a diverse range of applications across industries.

Slack wax is a residual wax obtained during the process of lubricating oil refining. This semi-solid substance is composed of hydrocarbons with varying molecular weights, making it a flexible raw material for further processing. Among the different grades available, Slack Wax Light Grade 30% stands out due to its specific characteristics and balanced composition.
Composition and Properties

Slack Wax Light Grade 30% contains a blend of straight-chain alkanes, cycloalkanes, and other hydrocarbon compounds. Its molecular structure contributes to its semi-solid state at room temperature. The 30% designation refers to the percentage of oil content in this grade. This composition imbues the wax with a favorable balance between solidity and pliability, rendering it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Candle Manufacturing: One of the most traditional uses of Slack Wax Light Grade 30% is in the production of candles. Its semi-solid nature allows manufacturers to mold candles with ease while ensuring they maintain their form even in varying temperatures.
  • Rubber Industry: In the rubber industry, this grade of slack wax finds application as a processing aid. It enhances the dispersion of fillers and accelerators in rubber compounds, leading to improved overall product quality.
  • Packaging: Slack Wax Light Grade 30% is employed in the packaging sector to coat paper and cardboard materials. This wax coating offers moisture resistance, thereby increasing the shelf life of packaged goods.
  • Polishing Compounds: Furniture polishes, automotive polishes, and even shoe polishes benefit from the semi-solid nature of Slack Wax Light Grade 30%. Its application enhances the shine and longevity of these products.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The pharmaceutical industry employs this wax in the production of various ointments and creams due to its emollient properties.
  • Textile Industry: In textile manufacturing, slack wax is used as a lubricating agent during the fiber extrusion process, preventing breakages and ensuring smoother production.
CHARACTERISTIC Unit Result Test Method
Kinematic viscosity @100 °C Cst 7-8 ASTM D-445
Flash point °C 230 ASTM D-92
Specific gravity 25 °C/25 °C 0.78 ASTM D-190
Oil Content %wt 30-35 ASTM D-721
Congealing Point °C 50 ASTM D-937
Color 4 ASTM D-1500
Drop Melting Point °C 52 ASTM D-127
Light Grade 30% common packings:
One of the most common packaging of bitumen is new steel drum. The new steel drums are easy to handle, transport and a proper packaging to ensure the products reach their target destinations flawlessly without any leakage or spill. Read more